Acupuncture for Pain, Stress, Weight Loss and to Quit Smoking
New York City

Acupuncture is a very effective way to treat all types of acute and chronic pain, reduce stress and help you lose weight and quit smoking. Many people put up with these problems and the limitations they cause, but you can have a better quality of life if you choose to add acupuncture to your health care.


Acupuncture for Pain, Stress, Weight Loss and to Quit Smoking - New York City“When there is pain, there is no free flow. When there is free flow, there is no pain.” This is an axiom in Chinese medicine which describes the mechanism of pain. I determine where the energy is blocked and choose points along the energy channels which are affected, or related to the area and cause of the pain. Using a combination of local points and others which are not in the same part of the body, acupuncture treatment removes the blockage of energy and blood flow. This allows for free flow and reduces or eliminates the pain. In addition, acupuncture has been shown in studies to increase your body’s natural production of endorphins, which are your system’s natural pain killers. Acupuncture is effective, comfortable and non-invasive treatment for headaches or musculoskeletal pain such as low back pain and sciatica (including safe pain relief during pregnancy), neck, shoulder, arm, hip and leg pain. I also provide relief for abdominal pain and bloating or other types of pain related to internal problems.


Endorphins and neurotransmitters also play a big part in reducing your stress. We all have stress, no matter what your lifestyle is like…but, living in the fast pace of New York, it is magnified. Since stress is known to be at the root of many serious and degenerative health problems, it is wise to be proactive in bringing down your level of stress. One of the most immediate results that my patients report from acupuncture is that they feel much more relaxed. A series of acupuncture treatments enables you to handle the stress better. Even though you may not change your situation, your physiological and emotional response to it changes and you feel better. Often, through the centering effects of treatment, people identify how to make needed changes in their personal or professional lives. Other symptoms of stress such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, irritability, digestive problems, sinus problems, insomnia and fatigue disappear.

Weight Loss

Are you having trouble losing weight? It is not easy, especially as people get older. That is because your metabolism changes and you may have a less physically active lifestyle. Acupuncture can help you lose those extra pounds and keep them off. Studies have shown that acupuncture increases the success rate of losing weight and not gaining it back. People who used acupuncture to supplement their weight loss programs were over 50% more successful in reaching their goals. It gives you more energy and reduces food cravings so it is easier to stick to your plan. Acupuncture also improves digestion so that the food you eat is utilized by your body better. That means that your system is more able to extract the nutrients from your diet and more efficiently use them. So, you aren’t as hungry. Some diet and lifestyle counseling is included in my care. It is based on you as an individual as seen through the filter of Oriental medicine. One diet and lifestyle does not fit all. Comfortable and relaxing acupuncture treatments can be the weight loss help you have been looking for.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is difficult, but if you are ready and committed to quitting, acupuncture is a great help. Many people that I have helped say they have tried many other things, but nothing worked like their treatment in my office. I use a tested and proven acupuncture protocol for smoking addiction combined with other individualized approaches. The physical and emotional cravings for cigarettes are reduced, so that you can stick to your resolve. Don’t wait until you develop a nicotine related illness…there is an effective plan of action with acupuncture.



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